Frontier Packaging

Frontier Packaging Situation
Frontier Packaging, LLC ("Frontier" or the "Company") is the leading supplier of packaging materials and related logistics to the Alaskan seafood industry. The Company dominates the Alaska seafood packaging market by consolidating thousands of packaging products from a wide range of vendors and coordinating the logistics of infrequent freight schedules for precise delivery to remote locations.

The Company's majority owner, Northwest Capital Appreciation, Inc. ("NCA"), desired to monetize its successful investment.

ZS Role
NCA engaged Zachary Scott as the exclusive financial advisor to represent the owners in a sale of 100% of the assets of Frontier.

After a thorough process to create a competitive market, Frontier was sold to The Gladstone Companies, a private equity firm based out of Washington, D.C. with more than $1 billion of capital invested throughout the United States. Gladstone teamed with the Frontier management team in a transaction that provided managers with an opportunity to own a significant portion of the Company.

"We have known the Zachary Scott team for more than 20 years, but this was our first opportunity for them to represent us on a transaction. Zachary Scott's analytical focus and disciplined process resulted in a fantastic transaction for all involved. We were impressed with their willingness to dig deep into Frontier's business in order to clearly convey the Company's value to prospective acquirers and to manage a well-run and smooth due diligence process. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with Zachary Scott."
Brad Creswell, co-founder of Northwest Capital Appreciation, Inc.

"Working with Zachary Scott was a great experience. Michael, Jay, and Mark provided the management team with a great deal of comfort throughout the entire process. From our initial meetings, we found that the Zachary Scott team was going to really know our business. That was evidenced by the substantial effort creating the memorandum, coaching us through our management presentations, and managing the intensive due diligence effort. Their insight on our new partner was valuable. We are grateful for their help."
Rod Meussner, President, Frontier Packaging, LLC