Debt and Equity Financing

Drawing upon years of commercial and investment banking experience, we are intimately familiar with the private debt and equity markets. The segmentation of today's capital markets requires that businesses seeking the best combination of rates and terms must approach capital sources with a sound financing structure and a credible business plan that fits the criteria of the particular investor or lender.

The amount of financial risk appropriate for each company is a function of the variability and predictability of its operating cash flow. The most appropriate capital source(s) will depend on factors such as the industry, market segment, company size, customer and product diversification, expected rate of growth, and management depth.

We help our clients identify the most optimal capital structure and the appropriate sources of institutional equity and senior and subordinated debt finance for:
  • Corporate Growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Buyouts
  • Recapitalizations
We specialize in complex structures that frequently require multiple layers of capital.

Debt and Equity Financing case studies