Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Exclusive Seller Representation

Zachary Scott represents owners of companies that want to monetize ownership interests in their businesses. In our experience, there are relatively few potential buyers who would be ready, willing, and financially able to pay full value for a particular company. We identify highly qualified prospective buyers after thorough research into the economics of the business and its place in the industry. Our goal is to contact and enlist interested qualified buyers, and engage them in a competitive process that maximizes the value to our clients. The merit of our customized approach has repeatedly been demonstrated by the numerous successful sales we have completed to motivated domestic and international strategic and financial buyers.

Acquirer Representation

Our knowledge of industry dynamics, competitive positioning, and strategies has been of significant benefit to our clients that are interested in acquisitions. We pursue acquisitions to achieve the specific strategic and financial objectives of our clients. We accomplish this by clearly defining the economics, business plan, and management philosophy of the acquired entity. We represent our clients to negotiate transaction structures that provide an attractive combination of value and tax efficiency, and design the optimal capital structure to integrate the newly acquired entity.

Management Buyouts

Zachary Scott represents qualified managers or management teams and acts on their behalf to price, structure, and finance business acquisitions. Often, we configure and arrange the entire capital structure.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures case studies