Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma


Kapil is a seasoned management consultant and leads all of our strategic consulting assignments. He is called upon by capital providers to lead industry and value chain analyses to identify attractive markets and target companies. He also helps businesses with market sizing and forecasting to understand growth opportunities. Kapil has broad industry experience, including business services, distribution, logistics, and transportation.

Prior to joining Zachary Scott in 2017, he led Step Up Partners, an advisory firm focused on business planning, market development, raising capital, and mergers and acquisitions. Previously, he was a senior executive at Intellectual Ventures where he was responsible for business development, product strategy, and deal negotiations. He also spent several years at McKinsey & Company, where he led transformative engagements with business leaders across North America, Europe and Asia.

Kapil holds an M.B.A. from INSEAD. He has been teaching at the University of Washington since 2011.


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