Distressed Company Situations

Distressed Company Situations

Plans don’t always work out. In some of these cases, a conflict arises between the company and its capital providers, requiring renegotiation of contractual terms, a recapitalization, or a sale of the business. When this situation occurs, management is best served by aligning themselves with advisors knowledgeable and experienced in crisis and turnaround management, insolvency, and restructuring.

Companies turn to Zachary Scott to advise them with regard to out-of-court workouts, Chapter 11 reorganizations, and pre-crisis situations. Our goal in these situations is to guide the company through a process that allows the business to get back on its feet and preserve value for the shareholders. Solutions include negotiating restructured relationships with existing capital providers, arranging alternative capital commitments, and or sale of all or part of the business. 

Whatever the best course, we take the load off of management so its attention can be focused on improving the operations of the business.

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