Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Mergers and acquisitions are employed to accomplish strategic objectives for the buyer and liquidity for the seller. The M&A process is complicated and time consuming and requires knowledge of capital markets, value, accounting rules, tax law, and psychology. It also requires disciplined project management and coordination capabilities.

Zachary Scott is the quarterback of a multi-disciplinary team employed to achieve a successful transaction that maximizes value for our client. 

Seller Representation

Zachary Scott's dedicated team of senior investment bankers draws on its focused industry knowledge, vast network of contacts, and extensive transaction experience to provide superior seller representation.

Each client receives the attention of two senior bankers that lead a project team. Our role is to help our client assess all available alternatives and design a customized process to achieve competitive market options from which the client chooses. 

Clients look to Zachary Scott to guide them through and manage a process to achieve the desired objective. Zachary Scott approaches each assignment in the following phases:  

  • Thoroughly understand the business, its industry, and its market position
  • Identify the universe of buyer interest as a result of strategic and financial investment objectives
  • Prepare insightful marketing materials customized to address the market
  • Prepare management in advance of "going to market" in order to address anticipated potential concerns by buyers and to have a smooth due diligence process
  • Orchestrate a competitive sales process designed to simultaneously obtain the best proposals from buyers
  • Lead negotiations on the sale transaction
  • Work closely with counsel to assure that documentation reflects the economic agreement
  • Follow through after the transaction closes to assist with all post closing adjustments

Buyer Representation

Zachary Scott provides a project team equipped to assess the economics and strategic fit of the acquisition, assist with and coordinate due diligence, manage the process to assure a timely close, arrange financing to fund the transaction, and assist in integration planning.

Senior managers and owners have the demands of operating their current business and need to focus on the integration plans for an acquisition. We can add a project team that works with current managers to assure each essential element of an acquisition receives proper attention.  

Management Buyouts

The existing management team is often the most logical next owner of a business. In such circumstances, Zachary Scott can help management determine a fair value, negotiate the transaction, and arrange both debt and equity to fund the management buy-out. 

Zachary Scott has a long history successfully working with privately held businesses to accomplish complex financial transactions. To learn more about how we can help your company capitalize on opportunities during the merger, acquisition, and divestiture process, please contact our team today.

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